About The Team

  • The Author: Tracey Christine Haimes

    Tracey Christine Haimes: Author of ‘The Perfect Tooth’ was born in Otaki New Zealand and moved to Perth, Australia in 1990 with her family. Tracey has had an interest in the arts from a young age and took art classes at school which she most enjoyed. She has enjoyed writing from a young age, English was her favourite subject. Tracey has had a pen pal from Norway from the age of twelve years which she corresponded regularly through creative letter writing and still does to date. As a teenager Tracey became a Queen Scout which she most enjoyed, this in turn led Tracey into her nursing career from a young age.

    From a young age Tracey worked as a career with young children and adults with various disabilities which she found most enjoyable and rewarding. Tracey also backpacked and worked abroad for three years in her younger years. This included Norway where she and her pen pal met for the first time. In recent years Tracey still enjoys visiting other countries to experience the way of life there. Tracey currently works as a Registered Nurse and a Midwife which she most enjoys. She has travelled to many different countries and in her spare time she enjoys sailing, craft, card making and painting, reading and creatively writing books for children.

    Tracey found the idea for her first book during her Registered Nurse training, on a health promotion placement in Western Australia. During this practicum Tracey found it most enjoyable constructing a play on oral hygiene. Her main motivation in writing this book was to encourage children to make healthy eating choices and to educate them on the importance of oral hygiene as an essential part of health. Tracey feels that this book will help promote and get the message across to children in a fun and humorous way to children.

    Tracey quotes that from writing this it has inspired her to write more children’s picture books. Tracey states that the reason she choose children’s books is because you can be quite imaginative and creative to keep the reader’s interest and the moral of the story can be told through this.
  • Illustrator: Malcolm Wayne Read

    Malcolm Wayne Read: Born in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1952, Malcolm was educated at a variety of schools, mainly in the army camps where his father was stationed. Malcolm learnt how to sing from a young age as his father was an opera singer. Malcolm left school early and tried a range of jobs, icluding shearer, signal technician, management consultant and menswear salesman.

    Malcolm has written a short story in the past which was published in a book of short stories called “Paper Sandwiches”. In his sparetime he is involved in writing, acting, sculpting and cartooning. He currently lives in Wellington, where his days are filled with sketching, reading and gardening, and entertaining two fat lazy cats.